Current Programming

Watch for children's program offerings in Spring 2023.  Available soon



Membership in Briarwood Community Association

Participation in BCA programs requires the purchase of a family membership which is added to your shopping cart with your first registration in the current year (August 1 to July 31). BCA honours active memberships from other community associations within Saskatoon and you may waive the fee if you hold a valid membership from another community association. Please note that membership fees are non-refundable.

NOTE: if you purchased your current year Briarwood membership at the Community BBQ, through the mail, or during our membership drive, enter the number from the membership card (bottom right) in the cell for membership number during the registration process to receive a credit for the fee.

Registration Dates

BCA establishes an open period for registration in all of its programs, in many situations this open period is determined by agencies that we work in conjunction with to deliver the various programs and activities. In some situations we have flexibility as to the dates, but in others we do not. As such, it is important that you register within the open period to reserve your spot in the program and to facilitate the co-ordination and delivery of the program within our community. Your co-operation in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Late Registrations

Occasionally we will accept late registrations in our programs. When available or space permits, late registrants will be accepted online only, with payment by credit card due at time of registration. A late fee will be collected and included in the cost of the program (late fees vary from $10 to $25 dependent upon the program). The program will indicate “full” when registrations can no longer be accepted.


Not all withdrawals will receive a refund of the registration fees.  Fitness class withdrawals prior to the first session will receive a refund of the program registration fees less a $10 administration fee.  No refund is available once class has commenced. 

Please note that Membership fees are non-refundable.